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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Fake 32 GBs

This blog has been created to help people who bought the Fake 32 GB Kingston pendrive at throwaway prices.

Especially in and around Mumbai. Their main target is call centres employees and IT companies. Their packing and modus operandii is very professional and real.
Its time we learn a lesson and pay sales tax and buy genuine goods. The government will only help us if we follow the white route.

We bought this pendrive to conduct test as to who is responsible,, and we may have found out but we donot want to implicate any one.

The circuitory looks original and even the ICs and LEDs are of good make.

The pendrives are actually 1 gb or 2gb pendrives from a third party manufacturer. The storage chip is from Samsung and the controller is from another microchip giant Alcor Micro.

What they have done is assembled the controller and memory chip and have created a firmware which shows non-existent sectors .

Every time you paste something larger than the actual capacity the data is written into these virtual sectors and is lost.

Now that you have already paid the money for it and there is no way you can get that back because we assume you have not taken a bill for that and neither is Kingston gonna take moral responsibility.

The only way to redeem some of the value is to actually use it as a 1gb functional pendrive.

That is where we step in.

We have devised a method to erase those virtual sectors and give you actually what they sold you.So that the data that you copy does not get corrupted.


Following these steps will make you Fake 32 GB Pendrive to a 1 GB-2 GB Pendrive.These steps are specifically for the current 32GB Kingston Pendrive scam only. As each controller chip has a different make and firmware.


We are not responsible for any damages that might occur to the pendrive. This is a FREE Public service. We will also not accept any other liability either. We do not work for either Transcend Kingston,Alcor Micro,Samsung who use similar parts. We are freelance computer technicians.

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2) Then unzip the RAR file using WINRAR (for newbies who do not have winrar go here

3) Open the extracted folder and open the file alcorMP.exe (you need administrator rights of the computer that you are using).

and Insert the FAKE 32 GB Pendrive.

The console shows at no 1 the pendrive that you have inserted (make sure there are no other flash drives.)

4) Click on SETUP--

a password dialog box will appear,, you can click on OK. Do not enter any password.

5)The setup window opens

Donot mess with anything here...just go to 'other' tab.

Now this is the only difficult thing in the process, Select Spec FlashID and type in the flash ID from the main screen make sure the two are same.

If there is nothing in the last octet then you can enter 00 on the Spec Flash ID in the corresponding octet.

And Click OK.

Now you are redirected to the main screen.

Click on the Start option on the Left side. And Pray.

It will first Erase the Data and then it will delete the virtual sectors and then it will format the drive.

And Viola!!!!!! you'll have a expensive 1gb pendrive at least, in our case it was a 1 GB pendrive hope you people get something more.

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